Harmony In Projects

As a business owner, do you find yourself always tackling crisis and putting out fires? Do you feel like you can’t miss a day at work, because if you do everything will come crashing down?

It’s time to sit down and analyze your business processes and build systems that will help your business to grow and scale and that will help you to become an effective leader with a balanced life.

We will help you find that 20% of work that really matters and brings you 80% of your success. Our consultants are experts in analyzing businesses and optimizing your processes creating and adjusting structures to ensure your team can perform at 100% of their ability and capacity.

Just like our body works harmoniously to fulfill its functions, businesses are also meant to do the same. Successful companies operate just like healthy bodies where the brain (leadership team) responds to any stimuli outside of the company and sets goals for different departments within the company.


PMO set up and operations

PM tool implementation

PM coaching

PM methodology customization

Business process improvement (Kaizen)


Anar is a very competent individual, whose ability to deal with complex topics quickly allows her to add value to projects in a short space of time. Her structured and detailed approach means she can use her skill set to positively influence and guide initiatives while her happy demeanour means she is a pleasure to work with.

Hani Jamal

Manager (Capital Markets) at Accenture

Anar worked at the IMF on the project to implemen Clarity, CA's portfolio management tool. It was a high-profile project that retired a legacy budgeting system and enabled the PPM tool that interfaced with IMF's HR and Financial systems within six months. Anar was responsible for testing and training tasks. She was dedicated, focused, a quick study, and well liked by her clients. She contributed greatly to the success of the projects.

Lei Burgoyne, PMP

Sr. Institutional Affairs Officer, International Monetary Fund

I've worked with Anar in BAT during the last couple of years and can easily advise Anar as a valuable part of any team, who doesn't afraid to take different responsibilities, take lead roles in project governance and play role of quality assurance in project management. From personal side, Anar is very open minded and confident person who can be very good friend and just person who you will be happy to talk to.

Almaz Kashikov

South of Central Asia Countries Manager - BAT